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Mystery plays and miracle plays (sometimes distinguished as two different forms,[1] although the terms are often used interchangeably) are among the earliest formally developed plays in medieval Europe.

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early theatre in England was religious and evolved from the liturgical drama of the 10th and 11th centuries. Theatre became a truly popular form when the clergy encouraged the staging of mystery cycles in England from around 1350.

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the episode is part science fiction, part morality play. During this period, Mr. MacDougall wrote a series of plays for the program all dealing with the fantastical and touching on science fiction as it was interpreted at that time.

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About the “ mystery of Being,” a mystery that requires “initiation” as Hegel rightly noted in The Phenomenology of Spirit, von Balthasar continues,

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Mystery plays or miracle plays are one of the earliest formally developed plays in medieval Europe. ... Morality plays (15th-16th c. ... Mystery plays are one of the earliest formally developed plays in medieval Europe.

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Miscellaneous shows you may be interested in. Two workmanlike suspense plays , badly acted. Murder with a slight supernatural element, better suited for the CBS Radio Mystery Theater than Mystery on the Air.

Mystery, Miracle, and Morality Plays

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Morality Plays

To trace the gradual changes which establish the affiliation from the early Mysteries or Mystery plays of the twelfth century to the regular drama of modern times, is nothing else but to point out the steps by which the dramatic art, from.